Pete 'Peaches' Rive

Pete 'Peaches' Rive was the scorer for Fraser Tech Cricket Club and a life member of Fraser Tech. Sadly he passed away in 2013, having scored for Fraser Tech for over 2 decades.

Peaches was a beloved character within Fraser Tech and throughout Hamilton Cricket. He would ride his bike everywhere, carrying with him his scorebooks, his coloured pencils, his sammies for lunch and most likely a pocket full of TAB betting slips. Each week he would provide the boys with ice cold water, kept cool in state of the art 1.5L coke bottles with tinfoil cellotaped around them. He was an absolute club man who did anything he could to help the club, including rolling the arm over at preseason trainings. This was fraught with danger for the batsmen as a slab of beer was the cost of losing your wicket to the great man!

There was never a dull moment when Peaches was at the ground, yelling 'Taxi!' when one of our boys sent one over the boundary or regaling us with confusing stories of great intention but at times little clarity.....'You know what I mean'. And for those that were around when we hadn't told him the right ground or were about to get started on the wrong pitch, you know he wasn't shy in letting us know his displeasure! Life isn't the same without Peaches around but we play on in his memory, knowing he's watching over us with his trademark blue hat and long flowing beard. 

RIP Peaches